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International Freight Forwarders Directory lists Freight Forwarders arranging shipping of any commodity to or from Japan.

Companies presented specialize in international Air Freight (transport, cargo air transport, airplane container, etc.), international sea freight forwarding, road/rail forwarding and operating in Japan.
Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Cosmo Trans Line Inc.
Eastrise Transport Co., Ltd.
Since its establishment in May 1987, Cosmo Trans Line INC. has been dedicated to international multimodal transport operation as an international freight forwarder.   Eastrise Transport Co., Ltd. is an international freight forwarding company providing world-wide multi-modal transport solutions and logistic services.
Hankyu Express International Co.,Ltd.
Hirokura Co., Ltd.
Hankyu Express International Co., Ltd. is a Japanese freight forwarding company.   Hirokura Co., Ltd. is a company that arranges combined worldwide transport services (intermodal transportation) - land, sea and air - which connects Hiroshima to the world.
Japan Paper Transport & Warehouse Co., Ltd.
Kyowa Kaiun Co.,Ltd.
Japan Paper Transport & Warehouse Co., Ltd was established in 1953 with head office in Moji, branches and offices in Kokura, Hakata, Kobe, Tokyo and Yokohama. Now we are headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.   We are sincerely required to keep up with this rapid changing modern society. Our company's experts, with the abundant professional knowledge and experience, provide the best services to meet your various needs.
Meiko Trans Co., Ltd.
Suzuyo & Co.,Ltd.
Meiko Trans has created a rich array of operations spanning sea, land, and air, coupled with a global network. In addition to physical distribution, we also offer a full range of value added services.   Established in 1936, Suzuyo & Co.,Ltd. is authorized as an I.A.T.A. agent. Suzuyo offers warehousing space in all major regions of Japan. The company has vast experience in the export/import forwarding field.

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